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Hauen camping
Steinbakken 52
4374 Egersund

Tlf +47 51492379


Some information about us

We are located at Hovland on the Eigerøy Island (Eigerøya), about 7 kilometres from downtown Egersund. Hauen camping is open all year, and has 7 cabins for rent. In the vicinity you will find excellent hiking terrain, for instance “Øglend” which is one of the finest such areas in Norway. Here you can explore coastal nature and breathe fresh ocean air all year round. Hauen Camping is also an excellent starting point for daytrips to famous tourist attractions in Rogaland. We are located about 80 minutes in car from Prekestolen, 60 minutes from Stavanger, 45 minutes from King’s Park (Kongeparken) and 35 minutes from Sogndalsstrand.